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By default, all of DOTMAROC™ dedicated servers are Self-Management. This means you have full and total control of your machine, while DOTMAROC™ is responsible for the network, facility, and the hardware in the server itself. Self-Managed servers allows us to offer the competitively priced servers you see on our site.

Your server is delivered with full root (Linux), allowing you to start managing and administering your server right from the start. Given this full access will enable you to install your needed software services that you require for your very specific needs. If you feel that you need assistance with a certain software installation of configuration, we offer very convenient, and very affordable per incident system administration. We realize that not everyone is well versed in system administration, so while we are primarily solely responsible for the network uptime, facilities management, and internal server hardware by default; we maintain a 24x7x365 technical support staff that is standing by to provide assistance at a nominal fee of €15 per system administration ticket. The fee only applies to tickets which specifically require actual system administration to resolve the issue. If the issue is related to one of our responsibilities you will not be charged for the ticket.